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Today's Photo Locations


Call or text for photographer locations today.

Photographers are up on the hill from 9:30-2:00

(weather and staffing permitting)


Phone or Text:  (435) 565-7111


Appointments available at Snow Park Lodge or Silver Lake area before 9am or after 3pm.  Contact us for more information.

(weather and staffing permitting)

Homeward Bound Run - Top of Sterling Express

Incredible view if the weather is cooperating.  Our photographer may not be here if the view is obscured or if the wind is crazy (it's called Bald Mountain for a reason!)


Top of Quincy Lift - Start of Ontario Run

Great central location for getting everyone together.  Weather is usually less of a factor here.  If the view is obscured we may be down around the corner on Ontario Run so we can get snowy trees as a background.  


Top of Red Cloud Lift - Just off the lift to the right

Beautiful views and weather is less of a factor here.  Photographers may not be here after 12:00 as this lift really empties out after that.


Top of Lady Morgan - Down Pearl Run just a bit

Lots of different views here.  We can easily position you with multiple stunning backgrounds.


Action Photos on Lost Boulder Run - Under Northside Lift.  Staffed Saturdays and Sundays.

We do have an action photographer on Saturdays and Sundays.  Photographer will be half way down the run and takes photos as you ski by.  Photos will be organized by the hour and posted online by 5pm.


Appointments available at Snow Park Lodge or Silver Lake area before 9am or after 3pm

If you have non skiers or need a specific time we can make an appointment just outside the Snow Park Lodge or just outside Steins Lodge.  Please contact us for more information and avaiability.

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